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Shaw: Keep those comments coming

Sat, 09/19/2020 - 11:00
From Harriet: “President Trump is working for what is best for Americans.” Dear Harriet, I didn’t realize Vladimir Putin is an American.

Letter: Save lives, be careful near rails

Sat, 09/19/2020 - 11:00
‘Near-miss’ incidents for pedestrians and vehicles who walk or drive around railroad crossing gates as trains are approaching is alarming

Swift: Pepper harvest creates perfect opportunity to try chile relleno

Sat, 09/19/2020 - 10:45
Tammy might not be a huge pepper fan, but she found just the dish for those with overdeveloped capsaicin receptors like her.

Letter: Away from adults, kids disregard rules

Sat, 09/19/2020 - 10:30
I’ve read for some time now how the schools have been doing all they can to try to keep kids from possibly spreading or catching the virus. That’s honorable and the right thing, but in the end it’s pretty much futile.

Trump says he will name Supreme Court successor to liberal Ginsburg 'without delay'

Sat, 09/19/2020 - 10:23
Ginsburg, the senior liberal justice, died on Friday night at age 87 of complications from metastatic pancreatic cancer after 27 years on the court. Her death gives Trump, who is seeking re-election on Nov. 3, a chance to expand the court's conservative majority to 6-3 at a time of a gaping political divide in America.

Letter: An improvement to University Avenue

Sat, 09/19/2020 - 10:00
For the longest time, I have avoided driving down University Avenue on the stretch between

McFeely: In rush to grift, ND company gets stuck with $435K property tax bill

Sat, 09/19/2020 - 10:00
Dickinson's Fisher Industries built wall on private land, which led to it being reappraised at a much higher value

Kinzler: Creeping Charlie, trimming evergreens and ripening pumpkins

Sat, 09/19/2020 - 09:00
In today's "Fielding Questions" column, a reader wonders what they can do about this weed spreading on the side of their house.

Veeder: Like a cat on a screen door

Sat, 09/19/2020 - 09:00
There’s an art to ignoring your children, according to Jessie. I think it’s something parents in the '80s and '90s had figured out pretty well. I mean, I’m the product of the “go outside and play until we call you for supper” generation.

Letter: Mark spot for Thurber in "potters field"

Sat, 09/19/2020 - 09:00
It is gratifying to see, at long last, a memorial erected to acknowledge the terrible historical event which was Charles Thurber's lynching.

Eatbeat: Mexican Village offers savory specialties

Sat, 09/19/2020 - 09:00
Over the years, the Mexican Village has settled into its niche on South Washington Street in Grand Forks. The restaurant has a steady following for Mexican fare, ranging from chalupas and tacos to burritos, enchiladas and quesadillas.

Garage burns in Friday night blaze near Fosston, Minn.

Sat, 09/19/2020 - 08:45
Polk County first-responders tended to a structure fire Friday evening near Fosston, Minn.

Meet Sarah Kuschel MN Woman Farmers of the Year

Sat, 09/19/2020 - 08:30
Join Agweek's Emily Beal as she talks to Minnesota's first ever, Woman Farmer of the Year award winner.

Lancaster, Minn., woman shoots trophy bull elk on hunt of a lifetime – only 3 miles from home

Sat, 09/19/2020 - 08:05
Sunday, Sept. 6, Lacey Lupien made the most of her once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, shooting a trophy 7x8 bull elk only 3 miles from her home. She’d had her eye on that particular bull since learning she’d drawn the tag.

Letter: Acknowledge the virtues of founders

Sat, 09/19/2020 - 08:00
Equal rights did not come into being naturally. They are God given, made possible through faith in Christ Jesus. Prior to the writing of the New Testament the concept of governance was through the divine right of Kings, equal rights were basically unheard of. Even after Christ stated to His disciples, “the greatest among you must be the servant of all”; and his greatest servant Paul’s wrote, “Faith in Christ is what makes each of you equal with each other, whether you are a Jew or a Gentile, a slave or a free person, a man or a woman.”

Crystal Chippers' 2020 potato harvest rolls along

Sat, 09/19/2020 - 08:00
CRYSTAL, N.D. – On a hazy, cool mid-September morning, Samantha and Thomas Shephard stand side by side, their gloved hands pitching dirt clumps out of the potato-covered conveyor belt that is moving their crop from a truck into a Crystal Chippers warehouse.

Bursack: Survey reveals the toll of elder and caregiver isolation

Sat, 09/19/2020 - 08:00
In today's "Minding Our Elders" column, Carol says it’s become apparent that some type of compromise must be found.

Brad Dokken column: North Dakota Game and Fish Department welcomes Fish and Wildlife Service ruling to not list moose for federal protection

Sat, 09/19/2020 - 07:15
Had the Service ruled to list moose in Minnesota for federal protection under the Endangered Species Act, the once-in-a-lifetime moose hunting opportunity available for North Dakota residents would have been in jeopardy.

Our house has a case of puppy love

Sat, 09/19/2020 - 07:00
Four years ago, when our golden retriever, Casey, was a puppy and we spent our days cleaning up the messes he left behind, we vowed to never again get a dog that was younger than 3 or 4 years old.

How to keep geraniums from year to year

Sat, 09/19/2020 - 07:00
In today's "Growing Together" column, Don Kinzler says the popular flowers can be brought indoors in the fall and kept over winter so they're ready to go outside again in the spring.


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