Grand Forks County requires the top 13-feet of weeds and grasses adjacent to the roadway to be cut to a height of 10-inches or less by July 1st and again by October 1st on all County and Township roads. It is the responsibility of the adjacent landowner to cut. Cutting is typically accomplished by mowing or baling/haying. The County Highway Dept will mow all County Roads not baled/hayed, but does not mow Township roads.

Failure of a landowner to cut would be a violation of County Resolution and NDCC 63-05. Reported and observed areas not cut, shall be mowed by the County Weed Board, and all the expenses for such mowing shall be levied against the landowner on next year’s taxes. Please report all non-cut segments to the County Weed Board at 701-780-8312.

The County Weed Board maintains a map of designated baling/haying designations along County Roads. Segments of roadways to be baled/hayed are on a first-come first-serve basis, and are perpetual.

Since most County Roads are baled/hayed, the County Highway Dept typically waits until mid-July to start substantial mowing operations to allow sufficient time for the bales to be made and removed from the right-of-way. Most County Roads will receive three cutting operations throughout the year, one top cut in the summer, one bottom cut in late summer/early fall, and another final top cut in the fall. It is the County’s goal to mow the entire right-of-way, however varying circumstances may not always allow this to happen. Please call the County Highway Dept at 701-780-8248 with any mowing questions.

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